Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Goals: Classics Bookclub, etc.

So, I'm a little behind with posting my New Year's goals on January 8th, but at least it's still January!

Classics Bookclub

I have long admired the Classics bookclub at 5 Minutes for Books, but I hadn't participated because it didn't fit with what I was currently reading and I didn't have (or take) the time to go back and revisit my thoughts on their book selection if I had read it months before. BUT they've changed the format for this year, and I like it! More flexibility, more options, more book reviews - I'm in! (Check out this post for all the details.)

Classics are very high on my reading priority list and are usually my book of choice in between bookclub selections. I'm going to continue working on the titles from my 2009 TBR Challenge, with Cranford, The Woman in White, and Great Expectations being my first options. I would love to read one or two more titles by Daphne du Maurier. I'd aslo like to read more from Dorothy Sayers, both fiction and non-fiction, and also in the mystery genre try some Agatha Christie (maybe choosing one based on reviews at A Library is a Hospital for the Mind) and G. K. Chesterton.

In reading aloud to my children, I hope to get to classics such as Little House on the Prairie, The Boxcar Children Books, and The Borrowers. I'll try to read Anne of Green Gables and maybe Anne of Avonlea with my daughter, too. It is such fun to share books that I enjoy(ed) with my children!

Beyond that, I am slowly building a collection of classics to add to my personal library, and I look forward to finding more titles to read and own as I read reviews from other bloggers.


Amy said...

I'm working on Dickens, too, for the Classics Challenge. I love the idea of including your children's read-alouds! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've loved reading the Little House books several times over and would love to read them again.

I've been wanting to try something by Agatha Christie as well, but haven't decided which one.