Friday, January 2, 2009

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Carrie at Reading to Know is hosting a L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge this month. Since it is both reasonable (only one book required) and fun - I've decided to join, as much for my daughter as for myself.

After finishing Picture Book Preschool from Sherry Early of Semicolon fame, I've decided to read longer chapter books with my almost five-year-old this year, books like Charlotte's Web, The Wind in the Willows, Heidi, Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, and this nice illustrated edition of Anne of Green Gables. My daughter has loved the Anne movies since she was 3, so she's excited about reading the book, and excitement about reading is one of the most important things for her to learn at this stage, in my opinion. We've read four chapters already!

So my selections for this challenge will be:

  1. Anne of Green Gables read aloud to an almost 5-year-old girl.
  2. The Blue Castle this one intrigues me since it was written for adult readers and it's not set on Prince Edward Island. Though I would love to visit P.E.I., I think I will enjoy reading this unique side of L. M. Montgomery's works.

Be sure to visit the sign-up post to see what others are reading for this challenge.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun to read to read Anne aloud to your daughter! I haven't tried that one yet for a read aloud, so I'll be interested to hear how yours turns out.

Would you consider participating in Read Aloud Thursdays on my blog? Every Thursday I post some of the books my girls and I have been enjoying together. Sometimes the week is themed (i.e. a certain author or type of book), but mostly it's not. Anyway, whatever you post is really okay--I just like for people to comment and play along.

Page Turner said...

Hope, I will certainly look into your Read Aloud Thursdays. I'm always looking for more ideas to interest my daughter. I've actually be surprised with her attention span with Anne, but maybe it's because she likes the movie and somewhat knows the story.

Carrie said...

Hi! Well, I'm glad you are in on the challenge and you are also the winner of the One Year Book of Hymns. I'll pop you an e-mail about that!

Congrats and thanks for "playing along" with LMM challenge!